Forex Trading Diary

Yo, peep this – it’s my Forex trading diary, not some get-rich-quick signals or whatever. Like the name of this site, AlgoVesting, it means I’m into investing and trading using my own algorithmic sauce.

Started with a $10 initial deposit, flipped it into $1000 on a cent account. Why cent account, you ask? The trading algorithm craves some serious cash, and I’m not balling that big just yet. Luckily, I found a broker hooking it up with cent accounts – shoutout to FBS.

If you’re thinking about grabbing a cent account, make sure you hit up my referral link on FBS right here. That way, you’re helping me get more dough for trading and investing, getting rich quicker, you feel me? Hahaha.

But for real, I’m confident I’ll hit the jackpot with trading and investing. I know my game.